Weld on 2009–present Toyota 4runner frame reinforcement

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 The weld on frame reinforcements in the kit are to add additional strength to the factory bumper mounting points which are susceptible to bending during winching/recovery operations.

--Made 3/16” thick plate
--Kit includes 2 plates and 8 sets of ½” grade 8 hardware (nut, bolt and washer).
Step 1- Remove your factory bumper cover or aftermarket bumper.
Step 2- Remove the factory aluminum crash bar if present.
Step 3- Use an angle grinder with a cutoff wheel or similar implement to cut the factory bolts off.
Step 4- Use a 9/16” drill bit to widen the holes to allow for installation of new ½” hardware.
Step 5- Coat supplied bolt threads with anti-seize then install through the reinforcement plates then the factory plates and thread on the supplied nut, snugging up the nuts so the plate doesn’t move.  
Step 6- Weld the nuts to the back of the factory plate then weld the reinforcement plate to the factory plate.
Step 7- Remove the bolts and reinstall your bumper.

Now you’re ready to winch without fear of bending.