2nd gen ('05 - '15) Toyota Tacoma High clearance rear bumper

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Our new High Clearance rear bumper is ready to hit the trails! 

Fabricated from 4x4x3/16 square tubing and 3/16" plate steel.  This bumper is designed and built for serious off-road use.

A class three hitch is welded directly to the bottom of the main tube. Two 3/4″ Thick Shackle Anchors (For Shackles w/ 7/8″ Pin) or 1" solid steel bar soft shackle recovery points are standard, please specify which when ordering.  LED light bolts tap directly into the bumper main tube to light the bumper

  Caution, this product requires cutting the factory sheet metal bed side! KORE is not responsible and cannot be held liable for damage or injury sustained during the installation of this bumper. Installation guidelines are provided.